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Jun 27, 2018

Director of Manufacturing

Director of Solar Panel Manufacturing

The Director of Solar Panel Manufacturing (DoM) is completely responsible for the timely, low cost, high quality manufacturing of solar panels and their electronic junction boxes.  The DoM is also responsible for management of the installation of completed systems. 

Jun 27, 2018

CEO, Management and Logistics Professional Services

Chief Exec Officer - Management & Logistics

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) may be the owner of the M&L partnership, or may report to the owner. The CEO has overall responsibility for the M&L organization and its performance in support of the LGP manufacturing operation.  The most important mission of the M&L service is to ensure that all requirements for the timely production and installation of high quality solar systems by LGP are met.  The M&L itself is selected by the LGP Executive Director and may, from time to time, have its contract reviewed and renewed or other companies awarded the contract for the services.  The CEO is also charged with insuring that the LGP facilities, processes and products pass periodic audits and agency certifications.

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