26,700 TOTAL Metric Tons (MT) of     Carbon Offset per Year

      • CITY Buildings: 2,600 MT/yr

      • HOMES (Solar): 22,300 MT/yr

      • HOMES (Retrofits): 1,800 MT/yr

  • Least expensive Carbon Mitigation program of its kind in California

Expand City and State Income

      • $6,500,000/yr increase in DPI for          LMI Households in Claremont /   


      • $29,360,000 added to local retail          economy annually

      • $900,000/yr additional sales tax           revenues to City of Claremont

      • 12% Local Economic Growth

      • $5,500,000/yr sales tax revenue            to State of California

2:1 Revenue Return to the State

   763 Direct/Indirect Jobs created        for Phase I of project based on          RIMS II model (U.S. Bureau of              Economic Analysis)

     • 91 Factory/Manufacturing Jobs

     • 122 Construction Jobs

     • 550 Indirect Jobs 

• 128 On-going indirect, permanent    retail jobs for 25+ yrs

Low to Middle Income (LMI) households are being left out of the solar PV revolution.


  • CLGP will install the first 6,000 solar PV systems on LMI households, saving them $6.5 Million/yr in DPI

  • Increasing LMI household DPI is the fastest, most powerful local economic stimulus



“We are creating a replicable, non-profit, solar panel assembly factory that is uniting physicists, economists, City Hall, local businesses, and hundreds of local volunteers, to bring back middle-class manufacturing jobs and cut green-house gasses on a massive scale.” 


- Devon Hartman  |  President and CEO of CHERP Inc.

Locally Grown Power (LGP) is a program of CHERP Inc.

Community Home Energy Retrofit Project, a 501(c)(3) public charity

CLGP is Addressing California's Top 4 Priorities

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Art x Science x Community 

We are raising $25,000

for Art in our factory.

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(CLGP) CHERP Locally Grown Power

a program of CHERP Inc.,

a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charity

112 Harvard Ave. #344, Claremont, CA 91711

Devon Hartman

Email: info@CHERP.net or Tel: 909-721-8631

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CHERP Locally Grown Power is a program of  CHERP Inc. Community Home Energy Retrofit Project a 501(c)(3) public charity