“Claremont is combining cutting-edge solar technology with enlightened

macro-economics to dramatically cut CO2 emissions while stimulating

both the state's and our local economy."

larry schroeder  |  mayor of claremont



Harvey Mudd College

Devon Hartman

Don Gould Freeman

Allen Mike Caldwell

The John Randolph and Dora Haynes Foundation

Joe Lyons

Emily Beierle-O’Brien

Don Pattison

Suzanne Beaumaster

Beth Benjamin

Lizz and Ethan Adams

Kathi and Jeff Pryor

Betsy Coffman

Richard Haskell

John Cobb

Dennis and Jenny Allen

John Shipman

Alan and Norma Williamson

Geoff Hammil

Karen Mosher

Sally Seven

Jamie and Stephani Sutherland Social Innovatus

Jack Meek

Betsy Cline

Richard Worthington

Whitney Hanlon

Marta Farro

Margaret Russell

James Manifold

Eric Huizar

Sam Pedroza

Deborah Freund

Layton Olson

Sorrel Steilstra

Ryan and Mel Zimmerman

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