January 17, 2019

Hixon Center Biennial Environmental Conference - October 2016.

Kent Kernahan speaking on:  Eliminating Hot Spots - the major problem in solar PV        

January 5, 2019

Hixon Center Biennial Environmental Conference - October 2016.

Devon Hartman speaking on: Environmental Economics – Revenue Expanded to Revenue Expended (RE/RE)  

Accompanying worksheet documents for the RE/RE portion of the lecture starting at approx 24:50:

(see att...

November 30, 2018

Our Here Comes the Sun video describing the Locally Grown Power patented technology on Youtube:

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October 5, 2018

Professors Richard Haskell and Peter Saeta at the Hixon Center Sustainability Design and Solutions Conference at Harvey Mudd College:



May 20, 2018


We have successfully raised $250,000! With thanks to our Board of Advisors, our Donors, Harvey Mudd College, and SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) we have raised $250,000 of the $350,000 necessary f...

May 20, 2018

Abstract - "Hot spotting is a problem in photovoltaic (PV) systems that reduces panel power performance and accelerates cell degradation. In present day systems, bypass diodes are used to mitigate hot spotting, but it does not prevent hot spotting or the damage it caus...

April 27, 2018

Devon Hartman Lectures at ZNE 2018 in San Luis Obispo about CHERP and CLGP 4/4/18