LAUNCHING PROTOTYPE FUNDRAISING: The final $100,000 We have successfully raised $250,000! With thanks to our Board of Advisors, our Donors, Harvey Mudd College, and SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) we have raised $250,000 of the $350,000 necessary for the licensing and Phase I testing. Let's raise the final $100,000! Randall and Janell Lewis are donating the first $10,000 as a matching grant to launch the final phase of the Prototype Funding Campaign! Randall is on our Board of Advisors and the Lewis’ have been enthusiastic supporters of CHERP and Locally Grown Power for the past several years. Thank you, Randall and Janell! (Don Gould, Joe Lyons, and Freeman Allen were

Why Hot Spots are a Problem

Abstract - "Hot spotting is a problem in photovoltaic (PV) systems that reduces panel power performance and accelerates cell degradation. In present day systems, bypass diodes are used to mitigate hot spotting, but it does not prevent hot spotting or the damage it causes." From - IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, VOL. 31, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 2016: Photovoltaic Hot-Spot Detection for Solar Panel Substrings Definition of Hot Spots (for the geeks) Photovoltaic (PV) hot spotting is a temporary fault condition that occurs in series-connected PV cells. Ideally, the electrical characteristics of all cells in the string are identical and the string operates at the maximum power point (

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